Lets do an example creating a new task

First create a task file in your rails project, for example:

touch lib/tasks/debug.rake

And add one task in this file:

namespace :debug do
  desc 'Test rubymine debug feature'
  task :something => :environment do
    hello = 'world'

    p hello

Now put a breakpoint on the line that we print the variable hello, and lets config the debugger.

To config the debugger, first go to menu “Run/Edit Configurations…” and add a new configuration using a rake template.

Configure Debugger

Now fill the first field with you task name.

Configure Debugger 2

And now you’re ready to debug, you just need to click on the bug button with your task selected.

Configure Debugger 2

You can use the interactive console, see the traces and see the log console too.

It’s a wonderful tool and you can use for solving problems in a “clean environment” and make sure your tasks works good.

Have fun!!!